So I just installed Grav CMS (v1.1.3 and Grav Admin v1.1.4) to attempt keeping my notes. A CMS that uses a flat filesystem is ideal since I will be able to write and refer to my notes both via web browser as well as via SSH terminal.

I ran into an issue using the SimpleSearch plugin in which no results would appear.

Via web admin in Plugins --> SimpleSearch --> Filters, I changed the the default filters "Blog" to blank, since we don't want to exclude anything from the search. However it turns out leaving it blank would cause the users/config/plugins/simplesearch.yaml file to omit the filters: line completely..

The Solution:

Manually edit the simplesearch.yaml file, use double quotes ensuring it has has a line for filters: ""

Here is my final working users/config/plugins/simplesearch.yaml :

enabled: true
built_in_css: true
display_button: false
min_query_length: 3
route: /search
template: simplesearch_results
filters: ""
filter_combinator: and
  by: date
  dir: desc

Now we have working search results!

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