Creating a child theme in Grav CMS

Creating a child theme in Grav CMS is a truly beautiful, simple process.

1.. Create a new folder: user/themes/mytheme to house your new theme. 2.. Create a new theme YAML file: /user/themes/mytheme/mytheme.yaml with the following content:

     type: ReadOnlyStream
         - user/themes/mytheme
         - user/themes/antimatter

3.. Change your default theme to use your new mytheme by editing the pages: theme: option in your user/config/system.yaml configuration file:

theme: mytheme

4.. You can now create your modified versions of any theme file in your new theme folder. Be sure to use the exact same folder heirarchies and file names as found in the parent theme. The default Antimatter theme will automatically use a custom.css file if it exists.

├── css
│   └── custom.css
└── mytheme.yaml

5.. If you wish to give your theme a name for the admin section, edit user/themes/mytheme/blueprints.yaml file.

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